GONZALO headed for Newfoundland

From an intensity viewpoint, GONZALO has passed its peak. We are indeed fortunate that, thus far, the direct hit on Bermuda caused no fatalities. The storm is now 680 miles southwest of St. John's, Newfoundland with maximum sustained winds of between 85 and 110 knots.

This is still pretty nasty. When storms accelerate, the vertical column begins to degrade so it is good news that GONZALO is now making a 30 knots towards Newfoundland.

This storm is still expected to pass near or over the southeastern tip of Newfoundland early Sunday morning as a category 1 hurricane before it becomes extratropical and accelerates to the east-nor'east over the open Atlantic.

Disturbance forty seven has dissipated. Storm comes aloft over Newfoundland - otherwise, stand easy.