HANNA ashore

The remnants of utterly pathetic tropical storm HANNA are ashore in Honduras and redevelopment is not expected. Heavy rain is expected to cause flooding for Honduras, and the flooding could spread into eastern Guatemala over the next 48 hours however, there is no threat to the Gulf of Mexico. The northern edge of the system may slightly enhance showers and thunderstorms for the Bay of Campeche late on Wednesday through to late Thursday.

Disturbance fifty one is barely discernible just 150 miles east of the northern Leeward Islands and moving west-nor'west at 12 knots. The disturbance has only a slim chance of developing into a tropical depression or a weak tropical storm during the next 4 days but thereafter, the disturbance is expected to recurve into the open Atlantic. In about 5 days, when it is located to the east-nor'east of Bermuda, it should merge with the frontal system that is currently located over the east-central United States.

Wave upon wave of frontal systems are now descending on the Gulf of Mexico and indicating the final curtain draws near. I cannot see any openings for new development in the offing for the US Gulf. With a seafarer's deep-seated mistrust of anyone sounding the all clear where ocean weather is concerned, I think a few more days weather watch of the eastern Atlantic would be sensible as a precautionary measure, as this is where late storms traditionally develop before the fat lady sings.

But she's warming up.

Stand easy