Tropical storm BILL

General overview Tuesday 16th June 2015

Tropical storm BILL is making landfall now close to the old Matagorda Island Air Force base, around 45 miles along the coast from Corpus Christi. At the point of landing, BILL was producing sustained winds of just over 50 knots with 60-65 knot gusts. The last calculated hurricane severity rating was just five out of a possible 50 - 2 for size and 3 for intensity. Considering IKE in 2004 weighed in with a rating of 28, IVAN in 2004 with 32 and KATRINA in 2005 with 36, this is a fairly weak storm.

The storm itself will of course begin to weaken now that it is ashore, but its effects as a rainmaker still has to make itself felt and this could still remain a tropical storm for another 12 hours. Rainfall will cause some flooding with up to a foot in places, the heaviest rain belt being to the west of centre, between Corpus Christi and Fort Worth/Dallas. There is some increase in tidal height but conditions should quickly return to normal.

Disturbance six has passed the Leeward and Windward Islands and is westbound at 12 knots. There is no indication that this will develop.

Disturbance eight is now mid-Atlantic, also is westbound at 12 knots and there is no indication that this will develop either.

Wellington boots in Corpus Christi, otherwise, stand easy.