FRED fading - tropical depression seven developing

General overview Saturday 5th September 2015

Three runts of yesterday's litter have all but dissipated overnight leaving just FRED and tropical disturbance seven. FRED picked up and regained tropical storm status three days north of the Cape Verde Islands and is moving west-nor'west at just under 10 knots. Maximum sustained winds remain near 35 knots.

This should weaken to a tropical depression or remnant low within the next 24 hours. If it survives the shear, it may strengthen to a tropical depression or storm again by Monday or Tuesday but will remain in the eastern Atlantic through its lifetime without threatening any land areas.

Satellite images indicate that disturbance thirty five south has become better organised, and is now designated tropical depression seven. Convection is not very deep but surface circulation looks neat. This is favourable for further development over the next few days before hitting the inevitable upper level wind shear pain barrier which still looks certain to have the better of this cyclone. Currently centred 350 miles west of the Cape Verde Islands and westbound at 12 knots.

Stand easy.